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Where is this Course?

All of Cosmic Academy is run online. The sessions are live. We use a ZOOM platform where we see you, and you see us. You’ll be able to show us your project files and we’re able

to interact in real-time with any screen sharing necessities.

What can I expect to Learn from this Course?

Syndicate is a program specifically focused on achieving direct results in getting records signed, records supported and gigs played by providing students with the necessary knowledge, skills and strategies for achieving (1) Professional Quality Sound in their music productions, and (2) Strategic Marketing and Brand development. (All while immersing

them in a nurturing and collaborative community of like-minded artists).

How Much Prior Experience do I need to take this course?

We take students from all different experience levels. Zack himself joined as a relative beginner. We also have students join with 10-years and multiple production programs under

their belt. However, we find that your prior experience is not a large factor. The main factor is how badly you want to succeed.

What if I have to miss a class?

If for some reason you miss a class, it will be recorded and available for you to watch. Weekly office hours will also provide students with the opportunity to seek clarification on

content they may have missed.

How often do you take students?

We only intake students and run the Bootcamp a few times a year. We do not plan future dates beyond the current program. Our focus is 100% on the students in the current


Does it matter what DAW I use?

No. Students may use any DAW they wish.

What Synths and Plug-ins will be used in the Class?

Zack will utilize a wide array of plugins and synths in an effort educate and expose students to the different tools available on the market today. He will use all of the industry

standard synths and plugins (i.e., Sylenth, Serum, Nexus, Waves, Slate, Etc.), as well as some lesser known “secret weapon” plugins and synths. Students however, are not required

to have any particular set of plugins.

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