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The 5 Best Books for Music Producers (Outside of Music)

If you’re a music producer, there’s so much to “succeeding” than just learning about the craft.

You can spend 100% of your time on Youtube Tutorials, or learning from Cosmic Academy (we don’t mind if you do!) but sometimes it’s good to learn some general “life lessons” as well.

These are our five favorite “life” books, outside of music production, that can help in all areas of your evolution (and will definitely show positive impacts on your career).

1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (by Marc Manson)

We’ve worked with over 450 producers at our school, and a lot of times their biggest problem isn’t Ableton, or Logic, or Marketing or Spotify… their biggest issue? Overthinking!

There’s a lot of anxiety in the world today, and a lot of it comes from overthinking, and caring too much about what others think of us.

This book is absolutely incredible in learning a better way to handle these challenges.

Marc Manson takes you through a new way of thinking, and an objective way of thinking about life.

So whether you’re dealing with some confidence issues in your music productions, or overthinking with your marketing. This book will help!

2. The Power of Now (by Eckhart Tolle)

So many artists and music producers struggle with being “present.” We often think about things we want out of our future, or dwell on the past. This incredible book will help you concentrate on the present and staying present.

It’s also a great resource for general mindset and happiness. With depression being such a rampant issue in the music business, concentrating on positivity and mental wellness is crucial. We can't recommend this one enough.

3. Never Eat Alone (by Keith Ferrazzi)

You’ve probable heard how your “Network” is your “Net Worth” and how as a music producer, you need to build your circle, your tribe, or your community. Yes, it’s a true: in order to succeed, it’s a lot easier doing it with other people, collaborating, and sometimes it truly is about “who you know.”

This book is an excellent guide on networking and the mentality behind connecting with others.

Keith Ferrazzi is a legend in the dual worlds of marketing and business, and gives awesome insight into how to tackle this important area of your music career.

4. Give and Take (by Adam Grant)

In a similar world of “Never Eat Alone,” this next book really hones in on the concept of “giving” and building meaningful relationships and collaborations.

“Give and Take” dives even deeper into the value between people, partners, and working relationships. It’s a manual on building your confidence with people and will give you tools on providing positive outcomes to the companies, labels, artists, and others you encounter.

At Cosmic Academy, we really preach the concept of giving, so this book is one of our favorites for understanding this powerful mindset that can truly change the game.

5. Unfu*k Yourself (by Gary John Bishop)

Ever get inside your head too much? As music producers—of course, we do it all the time! If you impose limitations on yourself, or struggle with negative self-talk, this book will work wonders.

Gary Bishop skips the nonsense, and gives you a BS-free empowerment strategy that helps you correct poor habits and build positive roadmaps.

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy, and this book aims to change that.

So with that set, dive into these books this fall and let us know what you think! Any other suggestions? Drop them in the comments!

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